About Me

photo(57)Welcome to my next “generation” law practice (do you get the energy metaphor?). After more than two decades of experience, I feel confident in saying that you won’t find many energy regulatory lawyers who practice the way that I do.

I thrive on matters of first impression and last resort. I’ve been a first mover in the offshore renewables industry, federal eminent domain matters related to FERC-regulated pipelines and now legal issues related to utility and regulator use of social media. On several occasions, I’ve won attorneys fees for my clients under fee-shifting statutes.

I embrace social media in my law practice with blogs like this one and Renewables Offshore. At the same time, I’m a geek with several scholarly articles and peer-reviewed papers to my name, and I’m co-author of a book entitled Social Media for Lawyers.

I operate a Law Firm 2.0, next generation law practice that seamlessly integrates technology to coordinate complex, multi-party projects and customize each client’s experience. Because of my efficiencies, I can serve as a source of high-quality support for law firm lega projects, or a partner with law firms through arrangements like this. I am also experimenting with bundled, regulatory products [see here] to provide in one place the kinds of information that dozens of law firms would otherwise each gather individually at enormous expense to their clients.

Above all, I serve as a tenacious and persistent advocate for my clients.  In the spirit of my alma mater, Cornell Law School, each day I strive to practice as a lawyer in the best sense.

For additional information about my firm, visit LawOfficesofCarolynElefant.com or send me an email at carolyn@carolynelefant.com.