FERC Order No. 1000 Download

Thank you for your interest in the FERC Order 1000 Bundle created by the Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant/Next Generation Energy Lawyer. I am providing these materials at no charge in an effort to make FERC Order No. 1000 more accessible — as well as to show you one of the strategies that I use for cost-effective document management in my paperless office.

The Order No. 1000 Bundle aggregates the full record for FERC Order 1000 in one conveniently searchable file. The Bundle contains the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, the comments and reply comments, FERC Order No. 1000 and the rehearing requests. Although FERC generally does an outstanding job of summarizing the issues raised by the parties, I always find it useful to be able to access the underlying documents addressing a given topic. Of course, the parties’ comments are available at the FERC website, but by organizing the documents in a bundled file, users can search a term – like public policy or right of first refusal — and the powerful search tool will list each page where the term is mentioned. Alternatively, users can navigate the document by scanning the list of the parties’ comments and opening those that are most useful.

Finally, as an extra value add, FERC Order No. 1000 is annotated and links to all cited statutes, regulations, court cases and FERC precedent. Although of course, lawyers can link to the underlying documents on LEXIS or Westlaw, this system makes the underlying statutory authority and caselaw available for those who don’t have a for-free subscription service.

The Bundle will work in all versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat, but for use of all features, be sure to use Adobe 9 or above. The most recent version of Adobe is available here. If you’d like additional information about how to navigate the file, view these visual instructions here.

To download the materials, click on the folder below.  You’ll be taken to a screen for checkout – just click the “checkout button.” (There is no charge and no credit card is required).  After hitting checkout, you simply complete a user form, and you’ll receive instructions on how to receive the document.

Thank you for your interest.  If you have further questions, you may email me at carolyn@carolynelefant.com or call me at 202-297-6100.

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