This Blog

Originally, I created this blog to track developments related to FERC’s landmark Order No. 1000 on transmission planning and cost allocation which ushers in a new chapter in energy regulation.

But in addition to Order No. 1000, there are other issues that I track, or where I’d like to offer commentary: FERC appellate decisions, ever changing legal issues related to social media and the need for a changing law firm paradigm to meet the needs of energy regulatory clients. So rather than set up four separate blogs, I’ll simply cover all of these issues here. I’ve assigned a unique icon to each topic so that if you read this blog here or through a news aggregator, you can visually pick those posts of interests.

I also blog – somewhat infrequently these days – on marine renewable energy industry and some renewables issues generally at my long-runningRenewables Offshore Blog, or follow my MHK-related twitter stream at @oceanrenewable.