What’s Next for FERC Order No. 1000?

by Carolyn Elefant on October 11, 2012

in FERC Order 1000

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about FERC  Order No. 1000.  It’s not that I don’t want to think about it (who could resist thousands of pages of FERC-y goodness?), just that up until today – October 11, 2011, the date that compliance filings are due – there wasn’t all that much going on.  The underlying FERC order is on appeal at the D.C. Circuit and pending reconsideration at the Commission – and I boldly made my predictions known in this analysis that was published at ElectricityPolicy.com. Now, as the compliance filings (or requests for extension) start to roll in, things may get interesting. Or not.  But I’ll be following them here and at the accompanying twitter feed, @nxtgenenergylaw – so stay tuned!

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